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Does your child feel the need to compare themselves to others?

Do you wish your child was more social and confident?

Does your child have difficulty focusing and staying on task when it comes to schoolwork?

Would you like to positively change your child’s brain circuitry?  


Negative thinking is so prevalent that most of us are unaware that we are thinking negative thoughts. It is essential to support children to express their feelings in constructive and effective ways so they can learn the skills to clearly communicate how they are feeling.  

Ruth Wishengrad, M.Ed., the creator of Self-Talk Songs™ and an educator with over 30 years experience with children in and out of the classroom, says the biggest challenge children face is clearly and effectively expressing their thoughts and feelings. When children don’t feel good about themselves, others can sense that unease and this can lead to being picked on, bullied (by others or themselves) and low self-esteem. This then becomes an automatic loop that repeats over and over. It’s natural for negative thoughts to loop in our head over and over again. Self-Talk Songs™ replaces the negative thought-loops with upbeat music and positive messages.

Neuroscience research has proven that every experience, including our feelings, thoughts, and actions become embedded in a network of brain cells that produce that experience. Each time you repeat a particular thought or action (negative or positive), you strengthen the connection between a set of brain cells or neurons.


Often people think it’s difficult to teach children to shift their thoughts and feelings so they can focus on learning new things and not focus on what others think about them. That’s what the program, Self-Talk Songs™ does. It flushes out negative thoughts with upbeat music and replaces the loop with repetitive positive messages, which increases self-confidence and self-esteem. It teaches children through a systematic approach of connecting positive messages with music and specially choreographed movements where children learn through play at a very empowered level.

I Can Do It! That’s her motto. Ruth Wishengrad, M.Ed., is dedicated to empowering the positive inner voice. 

As a popular, creative singer/songwriter, Ruth incorporates neuroscience techniques into her multi-media program to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Ruth has been teaching, training and mentoring for over 30 years. She believes the biggest challenge people face is clearly and effectively expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Ruth’s #1 goal is to provide children with the necessary tools and skills to live a confident, healthy and happy life from the inside out. Ruth is a firm believer that changes occur rapidly when focus is directed towards positive feelings in the body, because when you feel success in your body, you feel it in your life!


  • Balances the brain
  • Reinforces a positive mindset
  • Connects positive messages through music and movement
  • Teaches problem solving skills
  • Helps kids focus on their strengths
  • Assists students in times of frustration or confusion
  • Leverages the consistency of repetition 
  • Correlates to the National Physical Education standards and Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies
  • Adaptable for the classroom, distance learning, virtual learning and homeschooling
  • Includes articles, resource links to scientific research and conversation starters


“While trying a new and challenging art technique, one girl very quietly started humming “I Can Do It” to herself as she persevered with her task. I don’t think she even realized she was humming it – the song seems to have embedded its skill into the very way she works through challenges. I am so grateful to have these songs for my kindergarten class and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your enthusiasm and skill with all of us!”

~Alicia Pizzi, Kindergarten Teacher, North Hollywood, CA

“Those songs, you can listen to them in your head over and over again. And say them, not out loud, but in your head; like if you are in an office or church and you need some confidence, to not talk, you just do this. And you wait and you just think of the song and you hear it in your

head. That’s what I do.”

~Second Grade boy, Los Angeles, CA

“Over the past 40 years, I’ve been a consultant on a lot of different training and education programs that integrate music and dance. Self-Talk Songs is one of my favorites, because it is an innovative and entertaining program focusing on self-confidence. In the world today where attention spans are short and anxiety is at an all-time high, Self-Talk Songs provides much needed creative and effective coping strategies.”

~Gerardo Velez, 7-time Grammy nominee and multi-platinum recording artist

“There is a wonderful saying, “Attitude is your paintbrush. It colors the way you see things.” Self-Talk Songs™ paints a beautiful picture using music and movements to help children learn what’s really important in this life – to be happy.”

~Mary Morrissey, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist

“Ruth’s curriculum is unique in its comprehensiveness and its use of multi-sensory and multi-modal techniques will greatly assist children in the crucial development of self-awareness and self-soothing behaviors.” 

~Dr Chiara Horlin, PhD, Neurocognitive Research Fellow

My daughters and I have been listening to Ruth’s songs for over two years now and our favorite is “Time Out.” My girls (ages 6 and 9) have been fortunate to learn the true meaning of taking a break and now when frustrations begin to escalate, I’ve watched them put themselves in time out!  The way movement is integrated with the words is brilliant. The girls have a wonderful technique to help them relax and breathe, and I often use this technique, too. I highly recommend these songs for every family. Children benefit from hearing familiar information in various and interactive ways. These songs will definitely change the tune in your home!

~Adina Klima, Doctor of Pharmacy

“There is significant research that demonstrates the neuroplasticity of the brain and our ability to rewire neuropathways. As noted with Hebbian learning, “Cells that fire together wire together.” Combining music and movement are two established routes in rewiring new neuropathways that can lead to building positive emotion: resilience and confidence. Ruth has beautifully created this combination to share with children and with repeated engagement they will most likely develop internal messages that assist them in daily living. Children need to connect with their own innate goodness, strengths & gifts to live happy and healthy lives.”

~Melissa J Burgess, MSW, NPC, Connections Coach & Founder, Birthing Deep Connections

“Self-Talk Songs™ is the perfect tool for my son, Colin. It seems to ward off or reduce depression. Because Colin looks like a typical kid, people don’t know that he has a cognitive disability. He has language, but does not know how to express his feelings clearly. Ruth’s music exposes Colin to uplifting music and lyrics and is an empathetic voice singing words of support and encouragement.”

~Karen Stein, Woodland Hills, California