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Does your child have difficulty focusing and staying on task when it comes to schoolwork?


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Self-Talk Songs™️ uses a systematic approach of connecting positive messages with music and specially choreographed movement to learn through play at an empowered level.

The activities are short, playful, and fun. They work well with morning routine practices as they set students up for success, reinforcing a positive mindset for the day.

"The beauty is that this technique is simple -- and simple really works!"

Gerado Velez, 7-time Grammy nominated and multi-platinum recording artist



Self-Talk Songs Book
  • Reinforces a positive mindset
  • Connects positive messages through music and movement
  • Teaches problem solving skills
  • Helps kids focus on their strengths
  • Assists in times of frustration or confusion
  • Leverages the consistency of repetition
  • Correlates to the National Physical Education standards and Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies
  • Adapts for the classroom, distance learning, virtual learning and homeschooling
  • Includes articles, resource links to scientific research and conversation starters

Ruth Wishengrad, a popular, creative children’s singer/songwriter and educator, incorporates neuroscience techniques into her songs to boost self-confidence. Ruth has a Masters in Education from Lesley University and has been teaching, training and mentoring individuals for over 30 years. She believes the biggest challenge children face is clearly and effectively expressing their thoughts and feelings. She developed Self-Talk Songs™ to teach children meaningful tools to build strong self-esteem through fun, infectious melodies, rhythms and movements.

In August 2015, Ruth was an invited speaker at the Creative Arts Therapy conference in Beijing, China. She presented on the practical application of using music and movement to help children with special needs and autism focus and increase their confidence and self-esteem. She was also an invited presenter at the International Conference on Art Therapy held in Hong Kong in May 2016. In the workshop, participants learned proven techniques to support children in their social and emotional growth.

Self-Talk Songs™ flush out negative thoughts with upbeat music and replace them with repetitive positive messages, which increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

Parents and teachers from all over the world have shared their amazing experiences about how these powerful techniques have been both life changing and fun!

Ruth Wishengrad

The Premier Self-Empowerment Program for Kids


There is significant research that demonstrates the neuroplasticity of the brain and our ability to rewire neuropathways. As noted with Hebbian learning, “Cells that fire together wire together.” Combining music and movement are two established routes in rewiring new neuropathways that can lead to building positive emotion, resiliency and confidence. Ruth has beautifully created this combination to share with children and with repeated engagement they will most likely develop internal messages that assist them in daily living. Children need to connect with their own innate goodness, strengths & gifts to live happy and healthy lives.

~Melissa J Burgess, MSW, NPC, Connections Coach & Founder, Birthing Deep Connections

Self-Talk Songs™ is the perfect tool for my son, Colin. It seems to ward off or reduce depression. Because Colin looks like a typical kid, people don’t know that he has a cognitive disability. He has language, but does not express his feelings. Ruth’s music exposes Colin to uplifting music and lyrics and is an empathetic voice singing words of support and encouragement.

~Karen S., Woodland Hills, California

There is a wonderful saying, “Attitude is your paintbrush. It colors the way you see things.” Self-Talk Songs™ paints a beautiful picture using music and movements to help children learn what’s really important in this life – to be happy.

~Mary Morrissey, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist